Benefits Of Coconut Oil (The Underrated Skin Protector)

Never, ever underestimate the power of good quality coconut oil. Coconut oil is most certainly the elixir to a holistic and organic life. With the countless benefits that stem from consuming coconut oil, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to this aromatic liquid. Not only does it play a vital role internally, but creates massive changes if used externally. Yes, we are talking about its application on the skin.

With so many products surfacing in the market that guarantee flawless skin, very few actually deliver them. Packed with chemicals, most beauty products of today cause long-term harm to the skin. But the age old coconut oil will always be a loyal friend. Underestimated and replaced by chemicals in the past few decades, this wonder oil is all set to make its comeback. Thanks to its unique properties that have stood the test of time.

Every tropical grandma will vouch for the fact that coconut oil brings so many advantages with its unique blend of natural fats. From skin repair benefits, to having anti-bacterial properties, pure coconut oil is packed with essential goodness. It is a relaxing concoction that should be added to your skincare routine for effective results and nourished skin. Don’t believe us? Here are some ways in which coconut oil can be useful for your skin.

  • Moisturizing like never before: Despite what media might tell you, using light creams won’t solve your skin troubles. In fact, many lotions use coconut oil for its hydrating properties, which makes sense. Then why not just use it in its natural form? It has the power to leave your skin nourished and smooth, while attending to its dryness. It is a deep moisturizer.
  • Softening the skin: Who doesn’t love smooth, baby-soft skin? The application of coconut oil gives you exactly this. From dealing with cracked feet, to hard skin conditions, coconut oil offers an all-inclusive approach to have flawless skin in the long run. Packed with healthy fats, it leaves the skin plump with goodness and health.
  • Antibacterial properties FTW: Coconut oil is not just for beauty, but it also fights harmful microorganisms. By fighting skin infections, acne, cellulite and other fungal and bacterial diseases, it has amazing healing properties. Its lauric and capric acid content gives coconut oil its remarkable anti-bacterial properties.
  • Say goodbye to inflammation: Inflammation is a common skin problem that affects so many people. Whether it is eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, inflammation of the skin is a common threat. By improving antioxidant levels, coconut oil has great ability in reducing inflammation of skin, by keeping it supple and healthy.
  • Exfoliating to the core: Cleansing and exfoliating is an integral part of every skin care routine. By flushing out the impurities, unclogging the pores is a must. This applies to both the face and the body. By removing toxins from the skin, coconut oil is a natural exfoliating agent, which does not affect the skin negatively.
  • Anti-aging hacks for the soul: Most of us try to conceal our age using make-up, which is not a sustainable approach to look younger. Powered by anti-aging properties, coconut oil is a top pick when it comes to everyday use, in order to look and feel young. So, ditch the chemicals and indulge in a holistic skincare routine.
  • Make-up substitute: Coconut oil does the job of a lip balm, a night cream, a moisturizer, a make-up remover and a skin bleacher. Surprised? Don’t be. Although the results aren’t as fast as commercial chemical ridden products which can be picked off the rack, coconut oil plays the role of so many beauty products, while being one single entity.
  • Enhancing your bath: From adding coconut oil to the bath water, to indulging in an artisanal soap made of natural coconut oil, there are so many ways to cleanse with coconut oil. Including these soaps to your bathing process plays a vital role in rejuvenating the skin. Needless to say, soaps made of coconut oil are a big hit these days.


Coconut oil has multi-dimensional benefits that bring out the best in everyone. Be it the skin, hair, or lifestyle. With so many valuable properties that transform you into the best version of yourself, why skimp when it comes to the role of coconut oil in your life? What say?