Vegan Exfoliating Facial bars: Your safe and healthy solution for clear skin

Over the years, we have shifted from malls to farmer’s markets, from mass-produced food to organic, from synthetic to natural, when it comes to what we consume. This change has brought about a healthier and sustainable approach to life, which is great. However, in many cases, it is restricted to what we consume. And by what we consume, we mean anything that goes into our mouths.

There are still many ways toxic chemicals can enter your body, a primary passage being your skin. What you apply on your skin is absorbed by the body, and plays an integral role in your overall health.

We couldn’t emphasize on holistic and sustainable cleansing methods more, due to the harmful chemicals found in mass produced facial cleansers. A lot of you might be scratching your heads over the exact difference between premium vegan exfoliating facial bars vs. the commercial facial cleansers you pick off the racks.

Here are some important perspectives on this matter. You'll think twice next time before picking a commercial facial cleanser from wherever you buy your grooming products.  Here is what 100% natural & vegan exfoliating facial bars give you that commercial facial cleansers never can.

  1. Toxic-free cleansing: Did you know that commercial facial cleansers contain toxic petrochemical ingredients, which affect your skin and pollute the environment? It’s scary but true! In the case of vegan exfoliating facial bars, they are free of these hazardous chemicals, and are extremely light on the skin and the earth.
  2. Free of synthetic detergent: Contrary to common knowledge, commercial mass-produced facial cleanser are made with synthetic detergents. These are the same detergents that go into making washing powders, dishwashing liquids and so on. With paraben and sulphates, they are a cocktail of chemicals. Vegan exfoliating facial bars, are free of these chemicals.
  3. Natural color: Premium vegan exfoliating facial bars are natural from all perspectives. From fragrance, to its color, only skin-safe ingredients are used, in MOST cases. However, there are some brands that use mica. Ethical and sustainable brands don't use mica for colouring since Mica is mined unsustainably and worse, by child labour.
  4. No preservatives: Commercial cleanser see a higher shelf life due to toxic preservatives. Premium vegan exfoliating facial bars are free of preservatives, making them safer and much more ecologically friendly.
  5. Animal-friendly: From using animal fats, to testing products on our furry little friends, commercial cleanser give zero heed to animals. Premium vegan exfoliating facial bars are made with vegetable fats, and are not tested on innocent animals locked up in labs. Compassion for all living beings is always the best way, for us and the planet.
  6. Sustainable ingredients: Only natural and locally sources ingredients go into making vegan exfoliating facial bars. From coconut and rice bran oil, to herbs, fruit extracts and other botanicals, all ingredients are fresh off a farm. Commercial cleanser see the opposite approach when it comes to ingredients, with synthetic and chemical concoctions produced in labs.
  7. Environment-friendly: Commercial cleanser have a high carbon footprint, and cause water and soil pollution. The water soiled with commercial cleansers flow through drains into our water bodies, eventually coming full cycle to not just harming our planet, but also harm at the individual level through endocrine disruption that leads to conditions like breast cancer. Premium vegan exfoliating facial bars do not contribute to pollution.

No matter what advertisements and mass-media brainwash you about commercial facial cleansers, they are not worth your hard earned money or the harm to your health. Do your research. Understand what harsh and toxic chemicals go into making your typical commercial facial cleansing product. Once you know better, you'll want to switch to a sustainable and holistic approach to body-care. And remember, an informed consumer is the best solution to save the environment.

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~ Nivedita Ramesh