We’re a couple fortunate to have lived and worked around the world. There are a lot of profound truths we've learned along the way. Of these, the most profound truth is that people everywhere share more in common than where we differ.

None of us want our children to inherit an earth that will kill them. There are millions of reasons to be grateful every day. But we acknowledge there are things we have to fix. Our cause is saving our water and our soil. Every day, we dump billions of gallons of bath water polluted with "SynDets." And it doesn't help that these synthetic detergents harm our skin, our largest organ. Endocrine disruptors can cause breast cancer among other problems.

So our cause is to save people from bad soap. And help save the planet from a few hundreds of thousands to millions of gallons of 'Syndet' polluted water.

Our soap is 100% natural in every sense of the word. Pure coconut oil, produced in "God's Own Country", Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda. And one among National Geographic's 50 places of a lifetime to visit, under Paradise Found. Kerala translates to "land of coconut." It doesn't get any more coconutty than that. Local source means more sustainability since it eliminates overseas import carbon emissions. Our essential oils are local, adding to the sustainable footprint of our soap. And more than 90% of our botanicals come from our farms.

Our soap saves skin, saves the planet plus empowers fair trade. And tested on ourselves and our families, not animals

So give it a try. So you can prove to yourself it's the best soap you've ever experienced.