Citrus Sensation & Nutmeg Infusion Exfoliating Facial Combo for Clear Glowing Skin

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Brighten & Even out your skin.

This pack of Citrus & Nutmeg exfoliating bars, infused oatmeal, rice and cardamom gives you an optimal solution for acne, skin pigmentation or discolouration.

*Use Sensotica exfoliating bars with the face towel method in the shower to get the brightest skin you've ever had. To know more, read below.

Why Sensotica?

Sensotica simplifies skincare.

Our exfoliation bars used with a face towel give you glowing youthful skin. 

Sensotica exfoliating bars help heal acne, pimples, rosacea, psoriasis, dark spots, dull skin, wrinkles and pigmentation. Our facial bars alleviate these conditions by sloughing off dead skin and letting fresh skin shine through. The oatmeal that is part of the base of all our exfoliating bars is perfect for all skin types. And since our facial bars contain glycerine, your skin is moisturised naturally, eliminating the need for chemical laden moisturisers.

For the perfect skin care product, made with stuff an 8-year-old can pronounce, try all our exfoliating bars today. We guarantee you’ll get addicted.

Citrus bar made with Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Water, Lye, Oatmeal, Rice, Essential oils, Dried Orange oils, Orange juice, Cardamom, Rosemary extract QS (as natural preservative).

Nutmeg bar made with Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Water, Lye, Oatmeal, Rice, Essential oils, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Rosemary extract QS (as natural preservative).

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How to use Sensotica Facial Bars.

Sensotica facial bars are made for exfoliation. For clear skin every day, use the facial bar with a cotton face towel.

For fun, take a look at your face in the mirror before you use our facial bar, and look at the difference after using our facial bar. Follow the process listed below and we guarantee your delight with the results.

  1. Rinse face and a face towel thoroughly.

  2. Lather up the face towel with the exfoliating facial bar.

  3. Rinse facial bar and place on draining dish. The moisturising glycerin in our facial bars will cause bar to get mushy if placed on wet surface.

  4. Use face towel to scrub face gently. Use very light strokes under the eyes. Avoid getting lather in eyes.

  5. Rinse face with water and you're done. You'll see the difference clearly between before and after using our facial bar.

Use our facial bars with the same process for a healthy way to remove makeup.

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