Facial exfoliation and its effect on your skin

Exfoliation, also known as self-peel is an excellent way of rejuvenating the skin. It improves the look and feel of your skin and keeps it healthy and balanced as it improves blood circulation in the skin. Our skin is exposed to different kinds of pollutants and ultraviolet radiation of sunlight. This badly damages the skin surface and results in the accumulation of dead skin cells. Even though our body has a natural skin cell renewal mechanism where it replaces the dead skin cells with the newly produced ones. This process does not remove all the dead skin, some may still cling on to the skin surface. Exfoliation is the best solution to break off and remove all the dead skin cells. It also prevents several types of skin problems.


Skin peeling is the process of removing dead or damaged outer layers from the skin. It does not harm your skin at all, instead, it helps to maintain moisture and enhance its elasticity. Many of us experience roughness, dryness and dullness of our skin as we get older. Scrubbing keeps your skin radiant, smooth and healthy looking by removing dead skin cells.


There are two types of exfoliations: physical and chemical methods. The procedure of massaging a piece of sugar into the skin will help decrease wrinkles. Chemical methods involve washing off dead skin cells that are clogging pores by using various substances.


Here are some benefits :


Even skin tone

Exfoliants break down dry and dead skin and smooth the skin texture, meaning the skin appears to look more uniform over time. Try Sensoticas exfoliating facial bars which will help to brighten and treat all kinds of skin conditions.

Prevents acne

People with acne know how frustrating that can be to treat acne. Scrubbing unclog pores which eventually reduces acne. Choose the best skincare products that suit your skin.

Unclogs pores

Face cleansers aid in getting out the gunk, but exfoliators work to decongest pores. It helps you to get rid of excess flakes that can clog your pores without over-stripping your skin. If you are having any breakouts then be careful while using certain products, as they may strip off your sensitive skin.


 By removing the dead, dull skin cells on the surface and stimulating blood flow, your skin will have a youthful appearance. Scrubbing produces more collagen and keeps your skin extra plump reducing wrinkles.

Helps skincare products penetrate deeper

Since the surface of the skin is smooth and rid of all the dead skin, your skincare products can penetrate more deeply into your skin. Exfoliation helps serums, moisturizers, and growth factors penetrate deeper into the skin, which is the reason why you need to include exfoliators in your skincare routine.


The variety of products available for the face is endless and choosing the right one for you may be a big challenge, so we have outlined the different types facial exfoliating bars at Sensotica. in with an explanation of how each might affect your skin if you decide to purchase which one is best.